In the history of Mondays, this Monday is quite worthy of a good, old fashioned Fuck Monday. (Also, it could use a good Old Fashioned, but I’m at work and a few hours away from a cocktail.)

I am basically having a crappy day full of first world problems. They include:

  • Not enough sleep last night.
  • A twelve-hour headache.
  • Breakfast was not filling enough to last me until lunch.
  • My back is sore and I lift things for a living.
  • Work is busy and hectic and everyone else’s stress is wearing into me.
  • Keith also wrote a Fuck Mondays today, which went up as I was editing this one.

So in honour of this fucking Monday, I’m gonna talk a bit about a few people who are also having a crappy day. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…