I’m still at the cover! I haven’t even started  reading this, my life is a lie.

Or maybe I’m incredibly good at it? So first of all, if I’ve got some free time I should probably do something for the website. I am still working on getting the last 5-6 “Fear and Loathing After the Bomb” entries done for the first story arch (I’m not releasing any until they’re all done so at least the conclusion will have some momentum). In addition to that  I usually have a weekly blog that needs writing (the one that you’re reading) and often a podcast that needs editing. To say nothing of managing the Twitter account and the Instagram. Working on the site is rewarding and brings me some degree of joy just doing it and an even greater sense of joy if people actually read or listen to the stuff I spend so much time a week working on. However, even though it’s something I want to be doing and something that I enjoy doing, it doesn’t mean that I don’t spend hours of my week wasting time doing other stuff.

In fact, I do so many things to waste my time that this article grew to be 3 parts long. I waste so much time that I can fill 3 full articles of how I waste time. At least I’m finding some way to feel at least a little productive about all this bullshit.

Like nearly everybody else, I procrastinate and put off working on the website in favour of other things that are more immediately gratifying and distracting like reading, watching something or playing video games. The major problem here is that I will spend time doing versions of those things that are even less gratifying than other “better” versions. What the hell am I talking about? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…