18121646_1787312808157927_3226895699996837260_o Full disclosure. I met Lynn Poulin from The Pale Lips a long time ago. Back when she was skating under the name “Lyn-Dah Kicks” as a member of Montreal Roller Derby (check out Scott’s piece on her here). Since then however she’s gone on to become the drummer of The Pale Lips!

The Pale Lips are bringing their love of classic old time rock n roll, punk rock and glam to kick things off at ’77 Montreal this Friday, July 28th at Parc Jean Drapeau.

I had the chance to ask a few questions to lead singer Jackie Blenkarn:

Keith: How did The Pale Lips get together? Did you guys always know you were going to be a “old time rock and roll/classic punk” band, or did that style develop after the fact?

Jackie: We really came into the band having an idea of what we wanted to sound like. Classic punk and rock and roll are common ground for all four of us. What makes our sound unique is the other individual influences that pepper their way into songs.

K: Montreal ’77 is a celebration of the explosion of punk that occured around the 1977 date. Several seminal punk bands had formed earlier, but it was 1977 that saw a string of releases from acts like Iggy Pop (his first solo album), The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones (who released both their second and third albums in ’77) that really forced punk into cultural significance. 40 years later, the genre is still going strong. To the Pale Lips, what is it about punk rock that is so important that keeps it around in 2017? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…