This dude's not sweating it. Photo by Susan Moss.

This dude’s not sweating it. Photo by Susan Moss.

A certain blog that happens to be based out of Montreal (a “Montreal blog” if you will) has published an 86 word article about how much the weather is going to suck this weekend at Osheaga. Despite its short length, it still manages to contain a handful of grammatical errors. The main feature of the article is a picture of The Weather Network’s weekend forecast with a red box around it. This poorly written garbage has been shared well over 1000 times on Facebook. To give you an idea of how little effort went into this article: this paragraph is already longer than the entire thing.

I’m no weather doctor, but how about you do me a favour and relax.

I’m not saying there won’t be any bad weather this weekend (although if Mother Nature decided to join the list of people calling out that blog as liars it would make me literally laugh out loud). I’m saying that if you take a closer look at the forecast it says that a lot of the rain will be limited to Friday overnight and Saturday morning, and the rest of the showers will be scattered.

Also, for that matter, who cares? With the amount of humidity this week we were all going to be drenched in our own sweat. To say nothing of the sweat of 10’s of thousands of strangers rubbing against us.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the Dollar Store. Any number of dollar stores will allow you to buy a poncho for under 2$. Bust it out, enjoy your music and when the sun comes back out just roll it up and shove it in a plastic bag for safe keeping until the next scattered shower starts.  It can even be a clear poncho so your fleek Osheaga look will still be visible underneath! Fleek!

Here’s what not to do: Panic and freak out.

In the meantime, this will be me:

He's just really into Lorde.

He’s just really into Lorde.

Osheaga kicks off tomorrow at noon with Rue de Bois at La serre Perrier. Main stages start at 1 pm with Joseph, Samito and Lophile. Full schedule HERE.

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