The Montreal podcast that has so much to say about so little is back once again with all kinds of fun talk about some talented celebrities who have passed away recently like Trevor Moore and Michael K. Williams!
That’s a bummer, don’t worry, things pick up when we transition over to a casual discussion about opioids and the lack of justice for those who have perpetrated one of the great crimes of our lifetimes!
Things brighten up when we talk about Todd Phillips’ 2019 movie “Joker”.
*checks notes*
There’s got to be something uplifting in this episode. Let’s see here.
I guess the work of Alexandra Elbakyan releasing scientific knowledge free of charge to the scientific community at large is a feel good story, right? Although that does spiral into the current state of privatized and monetized research which is what lands us in that opioid talk in the first place.
Oh, here it is, Keith watched a Slap Fight pay-per-view! That’s fun and… he felt mildly concerned for the health and well-being of the competitors as they slapped the shit out of each other in the conference room of a low-rate hotel…
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Enjoy the show(s)?


The bed music during our advertising is an old loop by OKU-DA and our intro song is a brand new jam he cooked up just for us (note: both songs do not really reflect his usual style, but do yourself a favour and check out his SoundCloud.