Other than the Phoenix Jones thing this week is mostly about follow-ups. Which is nice, since because I’m already slightly versed in the things that matter to the internet, writing this post will be a little easier than usual. It’s not particularly hard any given week mind you, I’m open about how poorly informed my opinions are.

Do you know who Phoenix Jones is? He’s that guy.

More importantly; he’s a real life superhero. Kind of. Look, I’m not going to hold your hand on this one ok. Look him up. I’m sick and tired of doing everything for you. Find out who he is and come back to me. Wait, don’t do that, if you do a search for Phoenix Jones right now you’ll totally find out about what I’m going to talk about and just spoil the whole thing for yourself. Then you’ll just be wasting my time. My valuable, precious time. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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