Christopher Venditto, Lawrence Corber

These two upstanding fellows had so much fun at our $#!% Show for New Year’s they were eager to jump back on the show for an episode proper. And that’s exactly what happened and not the other way around. Christopher Venditto and Lawrence Corber are both two of the hottest up and coming acts in the Montreal comedy scene right now and quite frankly we’re lucky to have them both at the same time in the same place. Which was my living room.Christopher Venditto, Lawrence Corber

Both of these guys have so much going on right now and all over the place too. Even if you’re not living in Montreal, these boys are coming to YOU.

Check out Chris at: The Comedy Night at Melrose with Mike Rita on January 27th at 7pm or if you’re a night-owl check out “A Green Evening with Mike Rita and Friends” also on the 27th at 10pm.

Check out Lawrence at: The Early Show – In Flight Entertainment on January 25 and at my old high school’s fundraiser on February 23rd. Seriously, Lawrence is performing at Rosemere High School on February 23rd.

I also kind of love that Walter is also in the photo of Chris.

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

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Walter J. Lyng is a stand-up comedian based out of Montreal, you should follow him on Twitter @wallygoodtimes and on Facebook: Walter J. Lyng