I`m late for posting! I meant to bring this home Thursday night after work but I forgot 🙁   Better late then never: Chug a beer and get to work!

Beer: Malédiction

Brewer: Microbrasserie Le Saint-Bock

Milk Stout, 5%

Bought it because I wanted to review a darker beer for my third review, and I like stouts.



Yes, that is a Max Headroom desktop wallpaper, and yes, I am aware there are too many icons on my desktop. I was doing costume research and haven`t sorted the photos into folders yet.

Back to the beer. It is the darkest, richest chocolate brown colour. Even the foam is brown. Crazy opaque, I for real cannot see through it when help up against a light. It poured out all creamy and think looking too!

It smells god damned fantastic, like bitter cocoa and burned coffee. The label says it`s got notes of vanilla in it, but my stupid nose can`t pick it up.

OMG it tastes like all of that times ten. I think the vanilla is lost on me though. It boasts a sweet vanilla finish… I had my boyfriend try it to see if I was just defective in the taste buds, but he says he can`t taste it either.

Wait no. I just tried it again, and I do taste it right before the bitterness takes over. Don`t get me wrong though, it`s not too bitter a stout, but it definitely takes over the taste after a second or two. Yeeaahhh this is so tasty! It`s nice and fizzy too, softly carbonated but noticeable.

Average price for size and percentage.

If you`re into flavourful Milk Stouts, and don`t mind them in the summer, go for it. I love this beer. I wish I`d brought home more than one 🙁


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)