Disclaimer: Due to the weather delay many artists had their set lists cut short and moved around. As a result we didn’t quite get to see everything that we planned to. It also prevented me from busting out my camera and capturing some of the awesomeness that occured in the rain.

Hey everyone! It’s Saturday morning (bordering on afternoon) and I’m actively trying to sort out all of the music and madness of Day 1 Osheaga. All day music festivals are kind of an assault on your senses. With multiple musicians playing at the same time that you need to pick and choose from, games and activities set up by sponsership partners and just a generally immersive vibe it can be a lot to take in. Add the mayhem of some pretty severe scattered showers and piecing it all together becomes tricky.

After braving the storm and the walk to the new festival site, we were alerted by the official Osheaga app that there was no music right now due to the weather. We took the time instead to scope things out a little at the main stage area and lo and behold London Grammar took to the stage to serenade us with a shortened set.

Due to some rain that may or may not have happened my shoes were completely slogged with water. Sarah decided that this would be a good opportunity to head to the Vans area to try and win me a pair of shoes. She did not. But imagine if she did? It would have been an Osheaga miracle.

BADBADNOTGOOD delivered their trippy stylings at the Sonnet Green Stage and when asked to describe their music the best I could come up with was “weird experimental electro jazz” and I stand by that statement. Walter, staring off in the direction of the stage nodded and said “yeah, this is really good.”

After that we made our way to the the Perrier green house indoor stage to drink Perrier cocktails and watch Sophie Jones spin while someone, I’m going to assume her friend, danced on stage next to her and was really, really into it. I kind of hope she wasn’t her friend. I hope she was just a really big fan of Perrier. Despite there not being too many people in the “greenhouse”, Sophie was spinning a variety of crowd pleasing jams that had the small dance floor moving.DSC_0908

Now it’s time for a cautionary tale. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…