Wherein the author listens to songs that he knows the lyrics of and tries to figure out what’s really going on.alanisandelvis

I don’t know why, but there’s been two songs that have made me think about the portrayal of women in music in the past few days. They are very different songs, from very different eras. One is performed by a woman, the other by a man. I guess both would be considered classics. I’m like 90% sure most of you could sing along to pretty good sections of both of them.

This is going to be silly. Also, Elvis is being a huge creeper. Also, imagine if the Alanis Morissette character from “You Oughta Know” was actually the big sister from “Little Sister”? Then shit would be super interesting. Maybe these songs are sequels?

“Little Sister”

Little sister, don’t you
Little sister, don’t you
Little sister, don’t you kiss me once or twice
Then say it’s very nice
And then you run
Little sister, don’t you
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