Beer: Stout Double Chocolat

Brewer: La Barberie

Ale on Lees, 5% Stout

Bought it because it`s been taunting me. Rich, dark looking stout, promises of chocolate, and I like the brewer`s name.



This thing is 99.9% opaque espresso brown. I cannot see through it, this pleases me. So dark. It had a thin, milk chocolate brown coloured foam for a couple of minutes before it dissipated.

I`m like, two feet away from it, and I can smell it already. Yeess…. precious. Oh hell yes. It smells like cocoa goodness with underlying bitterness,  just like my soul.

Oh holy crap. This is not at all what I expected, but it`s crazy good. It`s… dry? Yeah. Like cocoa powder instead of Dairy Milk, you know? It`s tastes like chocolate, but it`s not sweet. It has that slight unsweetened bitterness you can get in those fancy dark chocolate truffles. It`s just right. And it doesn`t feel as syruppy as other stouts I`ve tried. Quite nice, mmmyess *twirls mustashe*

It`s only 5%, so easy to enjoy without losing one`s head. I mean, unless you`re really motivated. This is a limited batch though, so if you want one, don`t dilly dally.

I recommend this stout heartily!


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