I heavily debated calling this episode “9to5 Movie Klub”since apparently in 1985 it was bad ass to spell words that start with a “C” with a “K “instead. But I didn’t in fear of sounding racist or something. Ok, so really quickly, I really have no idea how Scott and myself have gone our entire adult lives without seeing this film. It is basically a fictionalized re-telling of the founding of Def Jam records. Honestly, when looking at their young up and coming hip hop talent for some reason Rick Rubin decided to cast the Fat Boys in the roll of comedy relief instead of the Beastie Boys (deciding instead to feature the Beasties for about 30 seconds in the film). If you simply replaced the Fat Boys with the Beastie Boys this movie would basically be required viewing for anyone into hip hop. Here it is. Enjoy.movieclub1

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Enjoy the show kids.