The Montreal podcast that asks Kenny Streule: What was your worst experience with the media? (Asked by Simon and Pascal from Total Crap back in Go Plug Yourself 222).

Back in the beginning of 2020 (which might have occurred either last week or in another lifetime, I’m not sure) Kenny Streule put together a very popular run of a one man show called “Malunderstood” at Montreal’s Mainline Theatre. Fast forward to a little later in the year and all of a sudden the way all of us were consuming live art was very, very different.

So Kenny did what many other artists did: he adapted himself and his art into a format that could be enjoyed from the comforts of self-isolation.

And so Kenny Streule’s Malunderstood: A Virtual Performance Experience was born. A digital adaptation of selected sequences from the live show, “Malunderstood” is a glimpse of Kenny’s childhood and his relationship with his Swiss German grandmother, language and the small town he grew up in.

Head to for details on how you can watch Malunderstood in the comfort of your own home for a limited time on a “Pay What You Decide” basis. The show will only be online for as long as the current Montreal lockdown is in effect so make sure you check it out sooner than later.

As always, a big thank you to the providers of our theme song: Aural Turpitude!

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