As long as he kills the half who pee on unwilling people and not by making another movie.

Think about what a nice trade that would be.  The end of Infinity War would forever remain a mystery, unless you wanted to read the books or more likely don’t care, and in exchange the bad half of Hollywood is gone.  Not too shabby.  Unless of course being a sexual predator is somehow linked to the quality of your artistic output.  I doubt it, but I guess I only ever listened to like 3 of the trapped in the closet jibberjabbers.

There’s a temptation there, treading into the genius->madness Rubicon, where you might imagine that the tides of suffering vomited by the villains of the world has a net positive impact.  A unified Europe without Hitler?  Somewhere Over The Rainbow without barbiturates and amphetamines?

Yeah fuck that.  All that is nonsense.  We never see what could have been.




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