kirk0103redo(2)_LOWRES_RETOUCHEDSo stop asking. She even wrote a book that’s partially about that.

And it’s ok. Even better, that just means that she has more time to be funny for us.

When I told my wife I was going to be talking to Jen Kirkman she (as she does) needed a point of reference for who I was talking about. That part was easy, Jen’s repeat appearances on “Drunk History” are among the best the show has to offer. A quick scan of some of her earlier work revealed that Kirkman was part of stuff that I was into from much, much further back than that. She voices Nurse Kirkman and Cynthia in Home Movies in the early 2000s (of which I own the whole series) and was also featured prominently in Acceptable TV, Dan Harmon’s Channel 101 inspired show on VH1.

She’s been a part of comedy that I was into for the last 15 years at least, so why did it take until 2009 for her to be named one of the Rising Stars of Comedy by Entertainment Weekly?

Search me.

Jen is coming to town next week for 5 shows at Montreal’s Mainline Theater for her show “Irrational Thoughts” as part of Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival. She promises a mix of new and old material, some of which will be brand new for the Montreal audience.

We had a few minutes to talk about the show, not having kids, post-election depression and the heatwave that is currently melting Montreal: ↓ Read the rest of this entry…