When you think political humour, you probably don’t think about Stephen Spinola or Mike Carrozza, but here we are, day 5 into Trump’s presidency and this is where we’re at. If you haven’t been following along at home, let me give you a quick rundown (or just Google “Stephen Spinola” and tumble down the rabbit hole yourself). Stevie made a crass and insensitive joke about Barron Trump. A lot of people called him out on it, he took it down. He made some enemies on Twitter and got into some Tweet arguments. That’s probably where it should have ended. But it didn’t.

Stevie has had his Tweets featured on Comedy Central’s show @midnight (take a look at his Twitter profile for a screenshot) and also on #CCSocialScene. So, taking full advantage of that exposure he listed “Comedy Central contributor” on his Twitter profile. Enter Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars. He publishes an article titled “Comedy Central Writer Calls 10 Year Old Barron Trump a ‘Date Rapist To Be'”. I don’t want to spoil the whole story here, why not listen to Stevie himself give us the lowdown?

Also, big thanks to Mike Carrozza for jumping on this show with us and sharing the time Stevie. Sometimes people need stories told, and sometimes (rarely) we’re the people to tell them.

If you want to plan something to wash all of this out of your brain, I’d recommend checking out Mike’s new bi-weekly show at Comedyworks “Figure it Out” every 2nd Tuesday (stay tuned to the Events page for the next show time).

Finally, we’ve postponed publishing 9to5 illustrated today in favour of getting this podcast up a day early, the comic will be up tomorrow hopefully.


Oh, and by the way, Stevie has been thoughtful enough to upload pictures of the release forms he signed with Comedy Central to his twitter:

So yeah, there’s that.

Share this episode and maybe get out there and defend comedians who make jokes, even bad ones. You can disagree with them all you like, but brigading and death threats is pretty damned insane and nobody should have to deal with that.

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