I know we’re usually just messing around here at 9to5 (dot cc) but I also like to think we’re a group of at least somewhat educated and intelligent people. We’re also from Montreal and the big news in Montreal is the student protests regarding the tuition hikes that are being proposed over the next 5 years. . I don’t really want to get into opinion here, just throwing up some facts since I honestly didn’t know them and researched them all for myself. Then I thought I’d share.

As we close in on the third month of student strikes here in Montreal (the city being the focal point for all strikes in Quebec) I have decided to do a comparison between what tuition has cost in the past in comparison to minimum wage as well as the average annual income to find out how much or how little it has been adjusted for inflation. I tried to find the percentage of the population that attended university by decade but wasn’t able to get those numbers consistently for all decades. I provided all the numbers that I could get a hold of. Then I wanted to make a graph, but I didn’t.

Other fun historical tidbits: Students have protested each and every tuition hike with various degrees of success. Prior to the current protest the previous longest protest was 8 weeks. I got the tuition fees here. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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