We’re getting busy in the arts up here! What? I said the arts up in here! What!

Massimo and Mike P comin’ at ya with the arts up in here! Come on!

So, The Segal Centre is currently in production of Guys and Dolls and we decided it would be a good idea to get two members of the excellent cast to come on our show. Of course, they were busy so we got Massimo and Mike P. Seriously though, how we continually manage to snag guests of this caliber is starting to scare me. Both of these guys are angry beasts in the local comedy scene and we actually got them to sit down at the same time on the same show… with each other (ending the 10 year feud that’s been brewing between them in the process). Wow, this is a rambling intro isn’t it? Listen, both these guys are hilarious, this podcast is a fucking riot and if you’re still reading this you’re just cutting into your own fun times.


Seriously though, you can catch both of these guys on a bunch of stages all over the island doing stand-up OR you can catch them both showing off their more theatrical side at the current production of Guys and Dolls over at the Segal Centre.

Guys and Dolls goes in previews Sunday until Oct. 10 at the Segal Centre, 5170 Côte Ste. Catherine Rd. The official run is from Oct. 11 to 28. Tickets: www.segalcentre.org or 514-739-7944.

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