So Keithmas (and that other holiday that ends in “mas”) has come and gone.  New Year’s Eve was a thing that we did and got drunk at and we’re 6 days into the year that will be remembered as 2015. Obviously this is a time where everybody makes unreasonable promises to themselves and calls them New Year Resolutions. They’re usually “eat better” and “don’t be a dick”. Or some sort of variation on that theme (“workout more” and “stop slapping babies” is my personal version of this). I don’t need to tell you how to live. Or maybe I do? Well, if you want to be a geek of style and sophistication like me (ha!) then maybe some of these resolutions will work for you.

Play More Board Games

I’ve got a whole thing about using boardgames as a gateway drug into geekier things, but it’s also fine to just play the games without a bigger agenda. As I mentioned back in that article, we are currently in the midst of a boom for board games. The caliber of games is on the rise and the ease of getting them is as well. Most major malls now have shops where you can pick up more interesting geared-towards-adults board games. I took this little picture of my gaming shelf in my closet the other day and realized that there are some games in here that I’ve only played once or twice. In some cases I haven’t played them even once. I (and you) should try to get a game night together from time to time. Hell, even some of the more “expensive” games only run around 50-60$. If four people chip 15$ you can go out and buy a game just for the occasion and it will cost you the same as going to the movies. Only you end up with a board game for keepsies at the end of it all. What a deal!


These aren’t even all my games! I own others!

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