The Montreal podcast that takes a look back at the original Dark Phoenix Saga in the same breath that they break down the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals.

Scott and Keith lament the loss of the Montreal Canadiens to the Tampa Bay Lightning and whether or not Tampa has the “best fans in the world” – spoilers: they don’t. Sadly, we weren’t aware of the fact that the Bolts dented the freakin’ cup on Monday or surely we would have mentioned that as well.

We also talk about UFC 264 and how Tai Tuivasa loves to drink beer out of shoes. Beer. In Shoe. Beer in shoe. Pro sports in 2021 are crazy people.

Finally, since Jon isn’t around on this one we really dig into The Dark Phoenix Saga. Comics in the late 70s were super weird man. You know what doesn’t always get talked about? How Jean Grey killed billions of people on a whim!

But we talk about it, because we’re a serious podcast talking about the serious topics.

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Enjoy the show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

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