In my notes for content for this show probably half the page or more was filled with stats about the latest escalation of human rights abuses in Gaza, and the latest escalation to the territorial pissings of the ruling elite in Syria.  Pissing in Syria of course, not that the ruling elite are actually in Syria.  Fuck no.  We leapt from subject to subject, each a new height in an already turgid tower of petty and self-indulgent musings, and I became less and less interested in visiting those subjects.

Nobody wants to hear about that shit, Jon.  Yeah, obviously, this is a podcast about geek nonsense.  I like geek nonsense.  Talking about it I get happy and excited.  Are we on the eve of the first open warfare between 1st world nuclear powers in a generation?  Will the consequences involve military intervention including Canadian combatants?  Isn’t all this worth talking about?

Of course we have geopolitical musings somewhat less erudite than our opinions on, say, the differences between the 3rd and the 3rd and a half editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Will we look back on these days of idyll fondly?  Perhaps we will despise ourselves for doing nothing; worse: for fiddling while the world burned.