Scorpion Masqué

The Montreal podcast that asks board game makers Christian & Matthew from Scorpion Masqué: What is the best and worst vegetable? Asked by Vance Gillis in Episode 224.

Christian Lemay and Matthew Legault join us from Scorpion Masqué this week to talk about something that a LOT of people might have been rediscovering during lockdown: board games.

Le Scorpion Masqué is one of the few board game publishers based out of Montreal and it’s been a goal of mine for a while to have local game designers and publishers on our show. Christian and Matthew talk about some of their favorite games currently available from Scorpion Masqué (and elsewhere), board gaming in general and Venditto wows them with his elevator pitch for RISK: Sopranos edition.

Check out their website ScorpionMasqué.com to see their current lineup for game and if any of them sound interesting maybe take a look to see if you have a board game shop in your area to order them from. Many local businesses are doing curbside pickup and some of them even have delivery services as well. As we talk about in this episode, brick and mortar game stores are an important part of the business of board games so these stores need your support.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the conversation with Christian Leman and Matthew Legault from Scorpion Masqué.

Scorpion Masqué

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