Beer: Extra Special Bitter

Brewer: Microbrasserie Charlevoix

Strong red ale, bitter, 6%

Bought it because after mentioning my blog to a few customers at the shop, it was recommended to me several times. And I`ve never had a bitter so…


Right. I`m a bit apprehensive, I`m not usually fond of bitter things. But I`ve committed so here goes.

This is a pretty sort of apricot colour, so I am confused. Looks nice and clear. Inviting, even. I sense deception.

It doesn`t smell bitter. I`m really not sure what to expect at this point. It smells fresh and pleasant. Maybe floral. And slightly sweet.

Oh wow. I don`t know how to process this taste. Oh fuck, I think this is too complex for my ignorant taste buds. This tastes like everything I just mentioned, and then there`s a kick in the face bitterness that crashes through and lingers on. Holy shit I think I like it. Yeah, I think I do! It`s really different, I was hoping I`d discover something new, oh yay!

Shit I would drink this with every burger. I approve!

And I take it back, the first sip was pretty bitter, sure, but after that it really balances out. I`m a fan. And it`s pretty cheap.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)