You might know Brittany Lyseng from CBC Radio’s Laugh Out Loud, CBC’S The Debaters and Sirius XM. Brittany’s down-to-earth view of the world is capturing audiences across Canada and has earned her a place at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, JFL Northwest in Vancouver as well as JFL42 in Toronto.

Brittany will be appearing on Comedy Night in Canada which will be available to live stream free as of July 30.

Be sure to also check out Brittany’s podcast “Life Pairings” available wherever you get your podcasts.

Brittany and I talk about Covid, being hockey fans in Canada and of course comedy. I think everyone is a little anxious about the return of live comedy but I think we can all agree that if things are done safely we can get out there and support all the amazing home-grown Canadian talent that has been making us laugh all through the last year and a half!

Enjoy the show!

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