So this was kind of fun. And by fun I mean “I almost missed this month’s Loot Crate”.

It seems Loot Crate has switched over at least temporarily to UPS instead of the Canada Post. This might be temporary given the ongoing woes of the Canadian Postal service and their continual threat to strike. Who knows! Anyways, I live in a big enough building that UPS delivery notices seem to just disappear. I wasn’t expecting Loot Crate to get to my house until some time passed the 25th, as usual.

Come the 28th, with no delivery notice to speak of, I took a look at the tracking information from the Loot Crate email. It had been delivered early! Very early in fact. UPS had been holding it since the 19th or something. Actually, they were going to send it back to Loot Crate as of the 27th, which, at this point in the story was yesterday. I called in a panic, got them to hold it and raced to the UPS store after work to get it before they returned it.

At the end of the day, I got Loot Crate.

Wasn’t that a fun story?LootBox

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