Beer: Ale-O-Ween

Brewer: Le Trèfle Noir

Strong Pumpkin Ale, 7.8%

Bought it because I tend to love pumpkin beers, and I`m looking forward to trying more than the ONE we see everywhere this time of year. Also omg the label is so cute. And `TIS THE SEASON MUTHA FUCKAAAHHHHH!



This is the bright and bold colour of a rusty sunset. Fierce orange pierced with a fiery red tint, and it`s very clear. It`s got a creamy looking foam, dissipates lightly after a few minutes.

My goodness it smells amazing. It smells like everything pumpkin should smell like. It doesn`t seem to be overly spiced, which I think I`ll appreciate. I`m not into nutmeg. Or cloves.

Oh woooow that is smooth and creamy. This is so delicious. Hardly any bitterness, not really sweet, this is a perfect in-between. You can definitely taste the pumpkin, and slight spices. I`m glad they taste as subtle as they smelled. The aftertaste leaves you with a lingering ghost of pumpkins past.  Very soft.

This is so good. I`m furious, the shop was only able to get it`s hands on one box of 12 bottles. I wanted a whole case to myself! RAAAAGE!

This beer is pretty strong, so drink responsibly. Also, damned cheap for the punch it packs.


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