It is time for another installment of “Pictures of Kanye, Words of Noam”, where we look at pictures of Kanye West and read the words of Noam Chomsky. Who’s more outspoken? Who speaks to more people?

Guilt and innocence


Oh yes, it’s a new Kanye and Noam. Why not? It’s almost the end of 2014, so why not cap off the year with a look at Kanye’s Lando Calrissian outfit while taking some words Noam Chomsky had to say regarding the assassination of Osama bin Laden to heart.

Oh, and why not some Yeezy lyrics to compare and contrast with?

I am a god
So hurry up with my damn massage
In a French-ass restaurant
Hurry up with my damn croissants
I am a god
I am a god
I am a god

If that doesn’t help distil and clarify your 2014, well then. Yeah.

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