So this is going to be a short (text wise) post since honestly there’s not that much to say. However, ever since I got the first of these two dudes I have intended on sharing them on the website and now that the pair is complete I see no reason to delay. Walter’s sister does amazing things with knitting, crochet, latch hook mats and I’m sure other crafts that I could just not possibly imagine myself being any good at. For an idea of what she gets up to check out her Facebook page Season of the Stitch.

Anyhow, last Keithmas (the holiday that I made up which is basically “Friend’s Christmas”) she was so kind to gift me with a crochet Finn from Adventure Time. I was flabbergasted. I’m a pretty massive Adventure Time fan and have all sorts of “official” merch. Figurines, a pillow, the Card Wars game, a BMO beach towel, Sarah owns a BMO coffee mug, the list goes on. So you can imagine my delight when I opened up a bag and found a very large Finn. Fin CollageHis backpack even opens and closes! I was half greedily hoping for a tiny Pocket Jake to be in the backpack but it was not to be. Katia told me that she was planning a Jake but ran out of time. I told her earnestly that she really didn’t need to make a Jake. This is the sort of thing that I could easily see pulling in some serious bank on Etsy. The fact that I was getting something this cool as a gift was already too much.  Of course, Katia is a completionist and has seen every terrible sequel to every terrible horror movie ever mad. So this year I should have seen this coming:Jake CollageBam! My very own knitted Jake! Once again Katia nailed it. The crochet look is incredibly reminiscent of the way you’d imagine Hobbes would look in real life.  Here are the two dudes just being dudes:Dudes CollageI think the only downside here is that if I ever have kids one of two things will happen. Either Adventure Time will not be a thing anymore by the time they reach an age where they can appreciate these things fully or I will not have sufficient trust in my grubby offspring to handle these hand made avatars of awesomeness. Of course, these guys need to be on display all year around. They are now permanent fixtures on my bookshelf. Also, a picture of them doing a classic jumping Adventure Time high five. books and high fivesNot much in the way of words with this one, but for real, who needs words when I’ve got these pictures. If each one is worth a thousand words then I just broke 11,000 words. Shmowzow.

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