Welcome back, my friends. One again, it’s Friday, and as such it is also time for another installment of “Pictures of Kanye, Words of Noam”, where we look at pictures of Kanye West and read the words of Noam Chomsky.I thought I'd bewitched you for only one night Now I'm with this girl for the rest of my life That drunk and hot girl - "Drunk Hot Girl" K.West

Chomsky makes a very interesting point here. What is left? The idea of doing anything of any import with one’s life has been completely replaced in Western culture with the desire to live vicariously through the rich and the famous. Even then, they aren’t doing much, other than displaying their riches and their fame.

A photo of you with a mid-level celebrity you ran into somewhere, posted on your Facebook wall, will win you praise and acclaim from your friends, family, and those people you went to grade school with. And that girl you met at that party one time a few years ago who comments on all your stuff. And that one person you don’t really know but you keep friended because she helps you out with all your Cityville stuff.

They are impressed.