Week 3 is a magical week for Movember.

But sometimes everyone needs a little Mo-Tivation. So I present to you the best of the 80’s moustaches:

Hulk Hogan

You cannot have a list like this without the Hulkster. He sets the bar, not just for wrestling, but for most modern moustaches.

The Iron Sheik

What a dastardly moustache. WWF and Tag Champ The Iron Sheik has always had a great one.

Leaping Lanny Poffo

Leaping Lanny would later be the Genius, and is Randy Savage’s kid brother.

Ravishing Rick Rude

One of the greatest pure heels in the WWF had one of the greatest pure moustaches.

Sgt. Slaughter

Not as buff as some other wrestlers, but such a pro. His moustache that is. Also, the greatest voice in all of wrestling.

Raymond Rougeau

Hometown hero Ray Rougeau never gave up on his moustache, even when he was later manning the French announce table. This is the epitome of the Quebecois Mo.

Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart and "Mean" Gene Okerlund

Fixtures on television and in their moustaches.

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