Hey boys and girls, did you try to access the comic anytime in the past few days?  You may have noticed that it either a) wasn’t there or c) there was an empty page or c) you saw this:

Yeah, that was great.

I have some great memories of the past few days. Memories like trying to sort out the archive for the “Classic” comics then accidentally freezing up the entire site. Memories like trying to figure out a way to split the comic into two unique storylines and then realizing that the only way to revert the site back would be to delete the entire comic directory. Now I have to manually go in and replace all the old comics one by one. Should be a few hours of a work. Work that I could be using to throw up a new podcast or something. But no, instead I’m spending my time trying to get the comic ball rolling again.

In the meantime, we’ve got last weeks illustrated 2.0 back up. So enjoy those.

I promise you, I’ll get a podcast up for you sooner or later this week, probably gonna be a 9ES AND a Plug Yourself this week. In the meantime, I would normally say go read some comics but FUCK YOU! There are no comics! I’m an idiot and a failure.

Oh yeah, if you’re reading this on Monday, you’ll notice that the menu bar doesn’t work on the comics page right now, Jon’ll fix that soon.

By the way, you should totally donate to Movember. The END.

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