It is time for another installment of “Pictures of Kanye, Words of Noam”, where we look at pictures of Kanye West and read the words of Noam Chomsky. We means us. You and I. Together. I’m not using the royal we. I could, because I’m a king, but I won’t.

"thats my bitch sh-shorty right there thats my bitch thats my bitch" - That's My Bitch by Kanye West

Okay, so human beings are pretty messed up, and any outsider could look at our history and be confused. Sure. But Kanye West on a Parade float? Just standing, waving to people. Not rapping or calling the American President a racist. Really, who wants to see that?

I claim no copyrights to the words or to the photographs, just for the smashing of them together. If you are the holder of said copyrights, please contact me. Call me, call me call me call me anytime.