Keith and I co-hosted the annual Montreal Roller Derby Awards Banquet this weekend. Fancy dress, so I got to break out my white tuxedo and party with the the ladies and gents of the league. The awards went by quickly, but were lots of fun, and the dance party that followed was a good time. I get back on the mic on Thursday, as I’m traveling to Toronto Ontario for the first ever Roller Derby World Cup, where 13 countries are sending national teams to compete for, uh, global dominance. Don’t forget to check it out on DNN. also had it’s first showing at expozine this year. We were a last minute addition to the event, but we got in none the less.

Keith and I have both been fans of this event for a couple of years, and to be a part of it was one of my goals in starting 9to5, truth be told, so I was pretty excited to get in. We met a lot of people, sold a few prints and booklets, and spoke about our moustaches. Sorry if you missed us, but we only found out super-last minute that we were going. A huge thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hi. Made my day.

A couple of years ago, Keith, Jon and myself, along with a fourth friend of ours, Jaime, were trying to play through “Final Fantasy: The Crystal Chronicles“, but it was nigh impossible to get the four of us together on any given night. We tried bargaining, pleading, begging, and threats but to no avail. I tried the following tactic: Captioned Shame.

Here are my efforts:

When this series of GI Joe tales failed to get the gaming commitment I was hoping for, I theorized that perhaps my friends were not relating to these upstanding a honourable heroes, so I tried a different tack.


To no avail. The boys still couldn’t get it together to plays some video games.

I thought maybe that it was because I was using a cartoon that the boys were not responding, so I tried to use a show they all loved. I didn’t really ever watch “Lost” past the first season because it was silly but they all seemed to think it was the bees knees.

So I tried this:


It didn’t work either. Shaming my friends with captioned images failed because my friends have no shame.


We never finished “Crystal Chronicles”.