You don’t know this, but the BCASA are about to tear your ear holes a new asshole. Think about that. Think about what it means and how you’ll go to the bathroom for the rest of your life.

Wes Whatever and Nick Raz of The BCASA sat down with us at our usual spot in the back of Grumpy’s to talk about music? Well, a little bit yeah. But we also talk about lots of other stuff too. I don’t want to spoil too much of this one but I will say that Wes shares an outfit he wore as a child that just might be this Halloween’s sleeper hit costume.

Oh yeah, they also talk about their upcoming album “Fuck You Shredder” as well as their possibly even more ambitious untitled project that will be about the meaning of life. That’s not even a joke. Also they met Offspring, which is a pretty big deal 15 years ago (fine, it’s still a big deal today).

Check them out on that Facebook thing or that official website thing.

Their website makes me feel like a fucking idiot for working on this website, it’s that awesome.