Elspeth Wright (comedian and host of “Battle of Wits”) joins the Montreal podcast that asks: If the week was 10 days long, would you still only house clean once a week? That question asked by Christian and Matthew from Scorpion Masqué in Episode 225.

Back when the pandemic hit, Elspeth Wright was hosting her own comedy gameshow at The Diving Bell Social Club called “Battle of Wits”. When it became more or less illegal to have shows in front of an audience anymore it seemed like a live gameshow would be a good fit to transition into an online gameshow. And so, “Battle of Wits” went online!

With new episodes on Fridays (for now), Elspeth has played host to the likes of Chris Sandiford, David Pryde, Brad MacDonald, Todd Graham and more. Go Plug Yourself co-hosts pop up every now and then (you can find episodes with Inés, Lawrence and Walter over on Elspeth’s YouTube Channel) as well. This week’s episode (premiering tomorrow!) features Ben Sosa Wright and Tranna Wintour!

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