The Montreal podcast that asks indie filmmaker (and director of Woodland Grey) Adam Reider: “What do you ask for when your friend goes to Costco?” That question asked by Elspeth Wright and Raquel Maestre in episode 261.


It’s hard to believe that it was 5 years ago that we had Adam Reider on the show talking about Woodland Grey. He was so young, so optimistic, so ready to take on the world and make a movie.
Well, things don’t always turn out exactly the way we plan but at the end of the day Adam did make Woodland Grey, even if it wasn’t quite the film he imagined that it would be. We get deep into the many speedbumps, hurdles and barb wire fences that the production had to navigate. We dive into what happened vis a vis Bill Moseley, some less than pleasant financial issues, how the trailer was cut and more. This episode just might be the precursor to Adam touring the country to do Q&A’s about overcoming the odds in the face of making a first feature film.
Reminder of course to check out Woodland Grey on whatever streaming platform you can find it on (right now it’s on iTunes, Google, YouTube etc but only in Canada) but maybe even more importantly stay tuned to where you can actually get to see it on the big screen. If you live in Montreal you can do that THIS WEEKEND. That’s right, Adam’s film Woodland Grey will be screening this Saturday, September 17th as part of Montreal’s Requiem Fear Festival at Hotel Ruby Foo’s (7655 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, Quebec).
Oh, and on the off chance you live in New Jersey, Woodland Grey will be screening as part of the Smodcastle Film Festival! Whaaaaat.
Enjoy the show!

Credit Where Credit is Due

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