I wonder if the real creator of Chip n’ Dale never got his due the same way that Bob Kane ripped off Bill Finger?

If you go up to someone on the street and ask them who created Chip and Dale, they would answer “Disney.” I guess the implication would be that it was old man Walt himself.

Holy shit. They were created by another Bill. Bill Justice (how was that a real name) created Chip and Dale in 1943. From the looks of it they were his main notable creation too. Sure we worked on a bunch of other super memorable cartoons and even Disney park rides I think old Chip and Dale are the only things that he created from the ground up.

While I’m thinking about animated chipmunks I need to tip my hat to Ross Bagdasarian (aka David Saville) for really ripping off Disney and making bank off a good idea.

So as far back as their first appearance in 1943 in “Private Pluto” Chip and Dale had that “chipmunk voice.” Sure it was gibberish and not English but it 100% sets up what we think a chipmunk sounds like when it speaks.

15 years later. It’s 1958 and enter Ross Bagdasarian who then takes “chipmunk voice” and records “Witch Doctor” for which he got a Grammy nomination. Later that year he releases “The Chipmunk Song” which paves the way for the Alvin and The Chipmunks.

I feel like if that happened today there would 100% be a lawsuit from The Mouse.


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Credit Where Credit is Due

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