Scott continues to outdo himself with those cover images.  What a shame we never managed to get ITunes showing the mini versions he gets me every week.  True story they’re embedded somewhere in the bits of the audio file.  Somewhere.

Check the Fatty Boom Boom.

We’re not kidding when we said that they’re an acquired taste.  Apparently they put on insane shows and keep up their stage personas 24*7 as some kind of next level performance art thing.  I don’t know how successful that all is but they sure made a hell of a weird music video.  It’s basically perfect.  Even if you don’t like the song and find the strobing starkly contrasted colors vaguely nauseating, which would not be surprising, you have to admin there is something compelling about it.  Something driving.  What’s a video there to do, other than to grab your attention and sell an album and get you spending braincycles on their content.  Mission accomplished Die Antwoord.  Mission accomplished.