This is a photograph that I took last year. I dabble in photography, and have on occasion taken some stunning shots.


This is not a stunning shot. This is a photo of a fat, smiling dog.


It’s a little funny I guess.


But it haunts me. I think this is the creepiest dog I have ever seen, just sitting there, looking at me. Watching. Waiting with it’s soulless eyes.


This dog is the herald of the end of days.

Stupid fat dog, the Mayans tried to warn us about you, but modern society laughed them off. We knew better, but we did not heed the warnings. We will all burn for our indifference in pits of boiling slobber.

Beware! Beware the smiling devil-dog!

This shot was taken with a DSLR-A200 at 210mm, f/4.0 at 1/250s, ISO 200