My good friend Sebastien, founder of the Comic Art Club, also tried to start a Comic Blog, in which 4 selected artists would, each week, submit a panel of a comic book. Script and all. However Involving 4 artists who already have a hard time keeping up with the deadlines of the Comic Art Club, it died pretty fast. No one had time.

It`s a bit sad really, because it permitted me to explore a different way to work with my oh-so-loved- markers, and play around with my art style. I used a less absorbent paper, a bit slippery even, which gave the inks a softer, hazy quality. I was to be the artist to submit the very first panel, so for the theme i chose, it worked very well.

As you can see, it is a bit rough. But for a first try at something different i was pretty damned happy about it. I don`t know if i`ll do something like this again, but it would be interesting to try. For now i`m exploring wooden pencils. Bought a box of 72 Derwent pencils for $109… i am excited.

By the way if anyone feels the urge to encourage Scott and i in our artistic endeavors, please go like the Comic Art Club Facebook page  🙂

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