My second review!

Beer: Shawinigan Handshake

Brewer: Le trou du Diable

Pugnacious Pale Ale (strong), 6.5%

Bought it because the label and name were spectacular.

It`s a semi-opaque peachy colour, I think. Yeah I can`t see through it. I can`t see any sediment though. Very uniform colour 🙂

It smells sweet and fun! I definitely smell some banana. Which is not something I would have thought to put in a beer. But it works!

You can still taste the banana when you take a sip, but it`s more subtle. There is a gentle hoppy bitterness that follows almost immediately. It`s not overwhelming though, so I can still enjoy it. It`s thicker than your average pale ale, which I also like, but still feels light and summery to me. It feels refreshing, but I`m not certain that would continue should it be room temperature or *gasp* warm.

I love it! I think it`s perfect for when you have a day off and not much to do, and you feel like a touch of silliness would make it an even better day. I had half a bottle of this after a handful of cheese and crackers for lunch and wheeeeeee! Gonna pace myself now.

It`s super affordable for a strong beer, you definitely get a bang for your buck.


All beers featured in this review are purchased at L`Épicerie Moderne, situated at 5854 Sherbrooke West, Montreal (NDG!)

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