I finally made it to a show! I`m also not gonna beat around the bush, if you only see one Fringe show this year, make it this one. Everything about this show impressed me. Here are my 4 favourite things that I especially loved:

1- The lights. Who did it?! Was it you, Chris Wardell? The credits on your page could be a bit clearer on that front, but either way, seriously, well fucking done. It sets the tone right away and for a genre show like this, I feel it was a crucial element. Excellent design.

2- The writing. This dialogue is witty, fast paced, interesting and hilarious. In a show where most of the characters are monologuing 80% of the time, I feel clarity is also important, and *gasp* it was there! Scott Humphrey, you delivered. You really captured the spirit of Noir Parody for me, it makes me want to quote your show in random conversations. Gracias beaucoup.

3- The acting. I`ve seen both Scott Humphrey and Elizabeth Neale perform before, and this once again puts their talent for comedic timing and character defining on display. I had, however, never seen Adam Capriolo perform. He absolutely blew me away. Expressive in every way, master of the vague European accent, just a pleasure to watch. You got a new fan Adam!

4- The makeup… ok yes I know this is very indulgent to my own interests, but it needs mentioning! Elizabeth, I don`t know if you did your makeup yourself or if you had an MUA backstage, but DAMN GIRL! You nailed that classic Dame look, and wore it perfectly!

In short guys, this show was a lot of fun. It had really cool PoV scenes and hilarious characters embodied in several different perspectives. It had a cockamamie retro plot made fresh with smart writing. The whole things looked just beautiful and I would see it again if I could.

You can still catch the show at Theatre La Chapelle, there are two representations left!

Friday, June 16th at 8:00 pm
Saturday, June 17th at 5:15 pm

Tickets are $10 regular admission, or $8 for students and those who have collected all three promotional cards.

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