So we’ve been talking about this for a little while and today is the day where we have created not just one, but two exciting ways for you to give us money (should you be willing to do so).

The first and most obvious is the addition of the “Store” link up in the menu bar. That will take you straight to our Zazzle store where you can buy our small selection of prints and t-shirts. We’ll be adding to the store on a regular basis (at our pace though who knows what that even means anymore?), so check back often. Want something in particular based on the site? Drop us a comment and we might end up making it. We’re gangster like that. Anyhow, we make a small amount of commission from the stuff we have in the store so if you made any purchases you’d be helping the site out and you’d get to walk around in sweet sweet 9to5 (dot cc) swag. Sounds like a win/win to me.

We really struggled with the idea of adding ads to the site and we didn’t want the site to become overloaded with flashing adverts for things we didn’t even support. Especially Scott, that guy really hates ads. What we came up with was to become affiliate marketers for a tiny group of websites (who happened to feature black and white ads, which totally fits the bill): Zazzle and Amazon. That brings us to the second way to give us money.

If you’re going to make a regular Zazzle or Amazon purchase, just click that link in the sidebar or the footer and shop as you would normally. There’s literally no difference to you, except that we sent you there and therefore pick up a tiny bit of loot from the purchase.

Click those links, shop normally, support 9to5 (dot cc). I mean, there’s a reasonable chance you’d be buying stuff from there anyhow, right? Right.

So thanks folks, try to remember us when you’re shopping at Zazzle or Amazon and make a quick trip over here before buying stuff. It’d really help us out.

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