I’ve never really actively set out to try to make my work space more comfortable, and to be perfectly honest, those people that have their cubicles just covered in decorations really rub me the wrong way.

It certainly doesn’t help that I move around a lot, both in the company I presently work for and just in general within different companies.

I’ve been with 5 different companies in the last 5 years, one of the joys of being a contract worker; I go where the contracts are.

At the present company I’m at (where I’ve mercifully been for 2 years), I’m at my 5th desk. All that to say, I’ve never really had the chance to properly settle into a work-space. Despite all that, my nerdiness has seeped into my surroundings and a few fun little trinkets and keepsakes have popped up around me.

Since I’m presently on vacation, it’s a good time to visit my work-space, because I hate myself.optimus

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