Here's Martin!

Here’s Martin!

Human Centipede 2 (2011) exceeds its predecessor in every way. While some film series may kick it up a notch when getting to the sequel, Human Centipede doesn’t knock it out of the park, it ejects it into the stratosphere. I repeated myself, not to entertain, but to warn. We’re going to take a good long look here at a movie which is vastly more horrific than a film about a doctor who surgically joins three human beings mouth-to-anus into a human centipede. Human Centipede 2 succeeds on so many levels, it boggles my mind that it didn’t get more attention than it did when it released.

Human Centipede (the first) was met with mixed reviews. Marketed as “100% medically accurate” and “the most horrific film ever made” it never quite lived up to the reputation. The film had a clinical starkness to its presentation, and while it didn’t waste any time getting to the point of sewing three people together, mouth to anus, it never really indulged in the absolute grotesqueness of the scenario. Consequently, the film felt somewhat unsatisfying. Was there a crazy German doctor who got off on sewing people together? Yep. Did he do it? Yep. There it is. The movie did make waves, won a few festival awards, and generally offended anyone who thought too long about it.


But: Tom Six knows what he’s doing. This film savors atrocity so urgently I can’t really say any more without giving the warning. If you are a sensitive person you do not want to keep reading. Go anywhere else.


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