When you’re at a punk rock show and the band that takes the stage looks a little “different” you might be about to see a psychobilly band. Slick backed hair, mutton chops and the bassist is more than a little likely to be rocking a monster stand up double bass. These are some of the signs that there’s going to be a bit of a shift in musical stylings.

But make no mistake, that band is there to tear it up just as much as any punk band.

That is exactly what is going to happen when The Creepshow take the stage at ’77 Montreal at 2:50 pm at Parc Jean Drapeau this Friday.

We asked a few questions to a founding member of The Creepshow, The Reverend McGinty (keys & vox) about the genre, Montreal and horror movies:1594-FullSizeRender

Keith: How did the current lineup of The Creepshow get together? Your bio mentioned a number of lineup changes, but what’s the story of the current incarnation?

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