Well, I just got back last night from going to see the Foo Fighters in Washington, D.C. for the 4th of July. It was my first ever 4th of July in America and I’m pretty sure that next week it will be what I end up writing about. I didn’t really have very much planned for this week, and I was pretty sure I was going to end up dipping into the ever more sparse bucket of “emergency blogs” that I try to keep handy.

However, something has been on my mind lately and I figured I would write about it. What is that something? Talking, anthropomorphic food. More specifically, HAPPY anthropomorphic food.

It all started when I was watching some wrestling on a UK sports channel. You might not know this, but in the UK they’ve got American celebrities shilling random crap that you probably would never seen in North America. It’s a lot those ads we’ve all laughed at that come out of Japan and have Arnold Swarzenegger selling us Pepsi or whatever. Kevin Bacon was talking about using his cell phone on the tube, Harvey Keitel was reprising his role as Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction to push an auto-repair shop and Ashton Kutcher was talking to a sexy piece of pizza to sell me on gum? Don’t believe me? Just watch:
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