So, I spent this sunny summer weekend safely up North basically sitting around on the beach/lake/cottage drinking and relaxing and avoiding what must have been an insane weekend for Montreal traffic (what with the Jazz Fest, fireworks and every major tunnel and bridge being shut down fully or partially). It was pretty great. I got back just in time to watch the latest episode of True Blood Let’s Boot and Rally”. I have been on the fence about True Blood for the past 3 seasons or something, yet somehow I keep watching it. This most recent season has been my favorite season in a long while, however, the usual stuff keeps bothering me. What usual stuff? That’s the worst part “the usual stuff” is so broad in this fucking show that I will get into my discontent after the break since I also get my spoiler hat on. I really should be writing tomorrow’s Zombies and Loathing right now. I just had breakfast with Sophie though and a lot of this was bugging me so… the first Fuck Monday in a while here we go!

If someone who has never watched the show asked you what True Blood was about, you would probably answer the same way that I did in that masterfully edited photo right there. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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