Sasheer_ZamataLike many people, I became familiar with Sasheer Zamata through Saturday Night Live. Obviously a comedian needs to put in an enormous amount of work to even get an audition for SNL, and only the most talented will actually land a role. So when we meet this “fresh face” on SNL each week, we’re actually looking at years of hard work and dedication to the craft.

I was always a fan of Zamata’s work on SNL, and even though she was great in sketches I always enjoyed her Weekend Update segments the most. These segments are a lot closer to stand-up. Where Zamata’s own voice and opinions came through in the comedy instead of being boxed in my the premise of a sketch or the limitations of an impersonation.

There were moments on SNL where Zamata’s thoughts and opinions on race, gender and equality shone through. And those moments were the most captivating.

So, despite having not seen much of her stand-up prior to last night, I opted to head out to Katacombes and see just what she would do without the constraints of being on a show like SNL. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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