Where our heroes make nice with a Dragon Knight, only to make the opposite of nice later.  This was the story of “The Time Our Genasi Warlock Met a Purple Dragon Knight.”

If this is your first time checking out our little D&D Adventure Blog, you might want to check out this post that explains the setup and format of the game.  You can check out all “Big Fish” content on this nifty landing page.

Eric (Tidus) is back in the driver’s seat and will be our main story man.  He’ll be in black, Jon (our DM) is in blue, and I will be in red. Take it away Eric..

We started the session right on time with Brubax the Goliath barbarian, L’eau Dur the Water Genasi warlock and myself, Tidus the Triton cleric.

Our current Underdark location: a bar in the trade area of Blingdendeep, a Duergar city.  Jon described the architecture, the society and the many weird and interesting humanoids populating the market (not well enough to be memorable :(, apparently).  We were drinking/eating a thick and viscous alcoholic stew made of mushrooms.  Gross! Want to know what else is gross? L’eau Dur suddenly had something caught in his throat and coughed up a baby skull.  Huh. It bloomed into a flower and the flower opened to reveal a tiny fairy with a scroll for him. Warlocks, ammirite? ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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